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Entry test for volunteers? And then a basis for training? May 15, 2006

Posted by eloise in Eloise Pasteur, SL Greeters, SL Instructors, SL Live Helpers, SL Mentors, SL Res Mods, Tateru Nino.

I remember Tateru saying she runs training for volunteers when asked to by the volunteer, which is very rarely.

I’m not saying that everyone should know everything, but part of the process for mentoring, and from what I understand from the outside live helping is being able to help explain things to residents (new or old). Greeting and instructing, again as I understand them from the outside, have slightly different needs, because you’re doing something you are offering, so you don’t necessarily need the general range of experiences – but I am willing to bet that both groups of people get a wide range of pretty general questions as well as specific ones.

So, this isn’t a formal proposal, it’s a chance for a discussion – and one that might have been discussed at times and places I’ve not seen, but this seems like a good forum for it. Is there a common core of knowledge that mentors et al should have? Should we test that they, and indeed we, have it? Should we offer FAQ cards for that core knowledge? Support it on the wiki? Train people for that core knowledge? (Thus reduce spam on the main IM channel?) Any thoughts for what should be there? Should we do it at all?


1. SignpostMarv - May 15, 2006

Notecards go out of date.
Volunteers passing on out of date notecards is bad for the whole process.

Any situation where notecards are currently used should be replaced with using a page on the SL Help Wiki.

I think basic training should be given and organised by Volunteers, mainly because it isn’t currently given by Linden Lab.

Volunteers on Help Island should know how to respond to calls for help- if they have a broad knowledge and are wearing the communicator- or they should try to hang around the area of Help Island associated with their area of expertise.

2. gwynethllewelyn - May 16, 2006

Hello all,

I have been preparing some course material (no, don’t ask me for it, it’s far from finished) for giving “unofficial” training at the Volunteer HQ — starting immediately!

At this point, I think I can offer the following:

– Introduction to Second Life: not targeted at the interface! But rather to the society and culture of SL. This covers pretty neatly all areas of SL, without being specific to any: jargon/slang, land, jobs, society, etc. It gives a rough overview of SL to two-month-old volunteers who might not know what SL is about.
– The Beginner’s FAQ. This started mostly as a joke: what are newbies’ most often asked questions? It’s a good basis for new volunteers to know what they can expect. In some cases, the answers are obvious. In others, these are answers each one of us have to give by themselves (ie. there are no “right” answers)
– SL Etiquette. The basis for the Volunteer Guidelines/Code of Conduct, without being specific for volunteers (but generic). This is a Linden-approved instructor course and the only one that is finished in terms of training materials.
– Orientation to Help Island. This should be a basic, rough outline of what volunteers are supposed to do there. It should cover the HI Communicator, what areas are available, how you should reply to calls for help using the “paging system”, how to get in touch with Greeters, how to flag litter to be picked up, etc.

I can get all of these set up pretty quickly; I’m not sure if I can get “Linden-approval” for those as an Instructor, though. Also, I wonder how this can fit in the proposed structure for the “Interface Mentors”. Probably all are “basic”.

3. elliebobbean - May 26, 2006

I strongly agree that we should have entry testing & training for volunteers. There was a LOT I didn’t know when I started in 3 of the volunteer groups & I still have a lot to learn. Simply being a resident for 2 months & having a desire to help people isn’t really enough.I’ve learned soooo much being a volunteer & hanging out on Help Island!! It would have been great to have some specific training from the beginning! 🙂

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