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Introductions May 18, 2006

Posted by SignpostMarv Martin in SignpostMarv Martin, SL Volunteers, ViSL.

Important Notice:

Sign in to WordPress before making a comment.


head here to sign up: . Please use your full SL name as the domain name (not the name of the blog, the address). Makes things more professional methinx.


Okay, it seems that the way the service works , so now you can without registering a blog.

Those that do register a blog should still stick to the full Second Life name as the domain name- to prevent confusion and potential fraud (if a griefer later claims a blog using your full name etc).


1. Mr WordPress - May 14, 2006

Hi, this is a comment.
To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

2. gwynethllewelyn - May 14, 2006

Testing out.

3. SignpostMarv - May 14, 2006

slight serve side snafu, things should be fixed shortly.

4. moonadamant - May 14, 2006

testing also…

5. Jay - May 14, 2006

leaving a comment as requested :p

6. SignpostMarv - May 14, 2006

Once you’ve signed in please JJ 😛

7. kaisachertorte - May 14, 2006

maybe this worked now.. had some system problems to boot 😦

8. jayjaytalamasca - May 14, 2006

ok, leaving a comment while signed in :p

9. EloisePasteur - May 14, 2006


10. eloisepasteur - May 14, 2006

Ok, logged in now – something saying how would have saved a while mind. So for anyone else, go to wordpress.com there’s a link in the top line of the small print at the bottom of the page, and create your account.

11. Sky McGann - May 14, 2006

Here is my comment. Has anyone thought of a collaborative protest?

12. Bitzer Balderdash - May 15, 2006

Wooo, that was fun 🙂

Don’t you just love it when a form comes back saying there is an error, and still filled out with the same data, which you can resubmit without editing it and it works fine 😛

13. SignpostMarv - May 15, 2006

The reason I requested people use their full SL name the domain name is to help prevent potential fraud by people registering blogs pretending to be Volunteers.

Also, other residents might sign up for wordpress and want an abbreviated url if they have a similar name to a Volunteer- using your full name as the URL help prevents this as well.

14. Bitzer Balderdash - May 15, 2006

Right – done – and the day SL allow name changes, I am SO signing up for one 🙂

15. charismaheart - May 17, 2006

Right then, this is my comment. Add me please:) Mentors and Instructors, thanks

16. goresuntzu - May 18, 2006

test, test, 1,2 can u see me? This is my comment

Ciao Ciao

17. myokamurkami - May 18, 2006

slaps forehead , hope i finally got this sorted out to work :/ hehe

hi everyone! testing 1, 2 , 3 😀

18. aemilia - May 19, 2006

Hey, can anyone help me figure out how to make my links show on my page? I’m stuck in a n00b moment right now.

19. SignpostMarv - May 20, 2006


Do remember that if you’re going to have a “work” blog on WordPress, it is preferred that you use your full SL name in your URL.

20. aemilia - May 21, 2006

ch’allo everyone!

21. charismaheart - May 31, 2006

HiHi, Marv, please remove me. Im leaving for a long while. Thanks:)

22. elliebobbean - May 31, 2006

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