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This blog still has a purpose! August 29, 2006

Posted by SignpostMarv Martin in Burning Life 2006, Mental Mentors, Second Life.

(The notices text input was too short for me to ramble in)

Burning Life 2006 – Mental Mentors Group Build!

Updated 2006-08-29 11pm

Okay, so my original plan has been moth balled- suffice it to say, it worked but was too compelx to be complete within 3 days. New plan uses llRezObject() over prim-fu- old plan works but basically requires building stuff twice.

The piece is going to be an object that creates a seat themed around a Linden or famous Resident.

So far we have:


Torley Linden
my watermelon chair (it kinda sucks, so I’m willing to let someone else do it)
Cube Linden
If anyone can come up with something more creative than a simple cube for a simple cube, be my guest.
Hermia Linden
KC Bernstein is working on a swinging basket type thing (based on a design from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Data Linden
Purrts Trumbo is planning on doing a chair for Data Linden
Jeska Linden
yukiko Omegamu is planning on doing a chair for Jeska Linden


Mera Pixel
Tyci Kenzo has donated a nice purple chair 🙂

Post your intentions here, send me a copy when you’re done and/or IM me in-world

On the off-chance you’re not familiar with the Lindens, check out , and if you’re stuck for famous Residents, check (add to it while you’re there- there are still some people who still need to go on there!)


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