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Avatar Mentors

NOTE: this is still under construction, please comment (please!) i need HELP

When you make an appearance you like, make sure to save it as an 'outfit' 

Avatar Mentors Basic

Adjusting avatar using appearance mode and library

Shape: changing size and shape of the body

Clothing: changing with inventory (clothing from librarayand/or appearance

Questions on editing avatars

Q: How can I change the size of my avatar?
A: Go into 'appearance mode' by rightclicking your avatar and choosing 'appearance' from the pie menu. You can now select the SHAPE tab, in which you can change the shape and size of different parts your avatar: body, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, torso and legs.

The body section lets you change the height of the body (short/tall), body thickness (thin/thick) and the amount of body fat (less/more body fat)
clicking the head button lets you change the head size (small/big), head stretch (squash/stretch), head shape (square/round), egg head (chin/forehead heavy), head lenght (flat/long), face shear (right up/ left up), forehead angle (vertical/sloped), brow size (small/large), upper cheeks (thin/puffy), lower cheeks (well fed/sunken) and cheek bones (low/high).
The eyes button gets you to a section where you can change the eye size (beady/anime), eye opening (narrow, wide), eye spacing (close/far set), outer eye corner (down/up), inner eye corner (down/up), eye depth (sunken/bugged), upper Eyelid fold (uncreased/creased), eye bags (smooth/baggy), puffy eyelids (flat/puffy),

The SKIN tab let's you adapt skin color, face detail, makeup and body detail.
Eloise Pasteur: How do I change my clothes/
Eloise Pasteur: Why don't my clothes rez
Phill Plasma: how do i perform gestures, always
Eloise Pasteur: Where did you get your hair?
kai Sachertorte: how come i'm fat and ugly (got that one again this morning)
SignpostMarv Martin: buying stuff goes under commerce mentors
Eloise Pasteur: How do I make my boobs bigger/smaller, beard longer/shorter etc.
kai Sachertorte: can i get a real cock/chest… etc
SignpostMarv Martin: Anyone want to volunteer to do the page this time ?
kai Sachertorte: did you see my old skin marv???
kai Sachertorte: i can.. in a minute
kai Sachertorte: brb
Eloise Pasteur: I think there will be some bleed between categories Marv – av stuff will include SOME shopping – clothes, hair, skins etc. fit into both this and commerce IMO
SignpostMarv Martin: I know
SignpostMarv Martin: that's intentional
SignpostMarv Martin: basic level stuff interacts with no other category
SignpostMarv Martin: intermediate will be related to others, but basically fine by itself
SignpostMarv Martin: advanced level stuff will require knowledge of other areas

Avatar Mentors, Intermediate

Adding attachments, buying skins

Avatar Mentors, Advanced

invisibility prim use

building an entire avatar with prims

tinies: use of a chibi to shrink original avatar


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