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Interface Mentors

Interface Mentors, Basic.

Navigating Second Life:
Using the keyboard & mouse to get from A to B.
Enabling/Disabling Run mode.
Reading the mini-map.
Camera Control:
Using the keyboard & mouse to control the camera.
Making the most of Mouselook mode.
Using the History window.
Starting private conversations.
Making friends.
Finding people.
Reading the mini-map
Finding Stuff:
Products & Services- the Classsifieds tab
Collaborating with others:
Using the Groups tab.
Using group chat.
Optimising your Second Life:
Using the preferences window.
Taking snapshots.
Downloading snapshots.
Finding things.
Unpacking boxes.
Accepting gifts.
Taking objects into your inventory.

Interface Mentors, Intermediate.

Emoting – the “/me” switch.
Silent Typing – the “/0” switch.
Contacting people – using Calling Cards.
Finding things to do – the Events tab.
Finding someone – the People tab.
Navigating Second Life:
Going Places – the World Map.
Finding Places – the Places & Popular Places tabs.
Understanding Parcel Flags, health and ratings.
Camera Controls:
Using the Camera Controls panel.
Finding Stuff:
Finding rented accomodation – the Classifieds tab.
Finding a place to call your own – the Land Sales tab.
Last Resort- the Find All tab.
Collaborating with others:
Creating and Adminstering Groups.
Conferences- using Calling Cards.
Optimising your Second Life:
Troubleshooting Lag – check your system specs vs. SL settings.
Tweaking Graphics.
Updating drivers.
Getting Support:
Using Live Help.
Using the Abuse Report tools.
Using the wikis.

Emailing Snapshots.
Uploading Snapshots.
Using snapshots in-world.
Packing Items into a box.
Giving gifts.
Keeping things organised.

Interface Mentors, Advanced.

Optimising your Second Life:
Using the Debug Menu.
Camera Controls:
Scripting your Camera.


1. eloise - May 16, 2006

I like it! The structure makes sense, and should be able to be generalised to other places. Sure you’re not an NVQ designer?!

There should be something about using the rest of the preferences panel in this section – perhaps advanced? Camera control palette should be there too. I still think in basic, but in intermediate if you prefer.

I’ll try and use this model to make an outline for scripting mentors later on today and send that round for discussion too if you like?

2. SignpostMarv - May 16, 2006

If you post the page as private or draft I’ll be able to take a look at it without the info being public 😛

3. gwynethllewelyn - May 16, 2006

Excellent structure, at least for a starting point!

4. frodohartunian - May 22, 2006

Indeed but what about basic building–that has been left out but I gues it will come under one of those catorgories

5. SignpostMarv - May 22, 2006

Building Mentors get their own sub division, as the skills is so diverse.

As do Terraforming and Commerce Mentors.

6. elliebobbean - May 26, 2006

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