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Guidelines for Content Creation

Making the most of WordPress

Personal Post stay on your own blog.
Either post personal stuff on the blog you got for registering on WordPress.com, or a one you already have on an external service- WordPress.com can import from quite a lot of other platforms (so you can migrate if you prefer the interface).
Use the WordPress Category System.
If you make a post, be sure to tag it with your name, or add your name if it hasn’t been added yet.
If your post is about a specific group of Volunteers, or about a specific Volunteer, Resident or Linden, be sure to tag the post appropriately (adding categories if the required one doesn’t exist).
If your post is about a specific topic, tag appropriately or add etc. etc.
Keep it PG, unless the situation really calls for it.
Content, not writing- any profanity in posts will result in the post being removed and/or censored.
Mature topics are allowed, so long as they fall within the bounds of “Volunteer activites” (volunteer activities, not activities of volunteers when they’re not on duty).
Bitch about problems you’ve had while on duty in your own blog, not here.
If making a post about griefers, don’t mention them by name- only if a Linden has mentioned a griefer/group by name as people to be on the look out for (even then, you want to think carefully before doing so).
Linking to External Resources.
No posting links to services that cost money to join- without acknowledging the free alternatives.
Review the privacy policy of the service before posting.
Use the service before you recommend it.
Write a review of the service in the post.
Important! – Do not post referal links to Second Life or any other website, product or service on the ViSL.


1. SignpostMarv - May 14, 2006

If anyone has improvements/additions for the guidelines (think of it as a mini TOS for the Volunteers’ blog), please leave them here.

2. eloise - May 14, 2006

Um, call me stupid if you want – but how do I write a new page rather than adding comments? I got an email saying I’m now an author, but don’t see how to make a new page here anyway… which would also be useful to know

3. eloise - May 15, 2006

OK, as will become obvious I’ve managed to work it out… My Dashboards will let you toggle between them all – something that ought to be in the FAQs, but maybe I was just caffeine deprived.

4. SignpostMarv - May 15, 2006

If you want, make a How-To 😛

5. myokamurkami - May 18, 2006


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